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FAQs: All Bulbs

Why can't I log in to the web site?

The first and most common reason is because you have not registered an online account.

It is a common misunderstanding that existing NZ Bulbs customers who have previously ordered by post or phone are somehow also registered for ordering on our web shop. This is not correct, a separate online registration needs to be made in the web shop by the user, where you set yourself up and choose your own user name and password during the registration process.

You may be receiving email newsletters from us, but this is because we have your email address in our main database. It does not mean you are registered on the web shop.

Please make a new registration in the web shop and you will be ready to start ordering. Click here to create a new account.

The second possible reason is that you are registered already but have forgotten your password.

If the system responds that your email address is already in use, then you have created an online account previously and have just forgotten your password. You should click here to have your password re-set and emailed to you.

Remember that your selected user name must also be unique.

Both your email address and your user name must be unique, so you may strike problems if you use something like your first name as your user name. Unless you have a very unusual first name, the chances are that someone else has already got that user name by now, so you may have to choose something different. This can be confusing as the error message is often mis-read and you may think that the system is telling you that someone else has your email address in use when it is actually your user name that is the problem.

If you continue to have trouble, please click here to contact us and we will sort it out and send you the details so you can log in.

What should I do after flowering?

After flowering is an important time for bulbs. They've just finished putting all their energy into producing a flower in the hope that it will be pollinated and set seed.

That's what the flowering is all about from the plant's point of view. We don't want the plant to make seed and put energy in that direction as it results in less bulb growth. Remove old flower heads after flowering, but never remove the leaves while they are still green, the bulb needs these to provide the energy for it to grow and reach a good size for flowering the next season.

How do I plant them?

Most packs of bulbs will have suggested depth and spacing information printed on them. As a general rule, plant bulbs in a hole with a depth of 3 times the height of the bulb, so daffodils, hyacinth and tulips should be planted in a hole about 12-14 cm deep and about 10-12 cm apart, smaller bulbs like muscari should be planted in a hole with a 5-6 cm depth and 5-6cm apart.

What fertiliser should I use, and when?

We don't recommend any fertiliser at planting time, in fact placing fertiliser in the bottom of the hole could cause the new soft roots to be burnt.

Compost worked well into the soil is always beneficial for drainage and soil structure. When the shoots start to emerge, a top dressing of fertiliser will help flower growth and another light application of fertiliser after flowering will boost bulb development.

When do I plant my bulbs so they flower for my daughter's wedding?

This is one of the hardest questions, because we can't really answer it. For spring bulbs, much depends on soil and air temperatures, the amount of winter cold and how warm it gets in early spring. Summer bulbs are a little easier, but the weather still plays a big part for many of them too.

Can we come and buy from your nursery?

We do not have a shop on site and it is not possible to come and go through our packing and processing sheds. Please go through our website or give us a call on 06 323 4516 to place your order.

I did not receive an order confirmation?

Please check your email spam or junk folder. Order confirmations are sent automatically as soon as an order is completed online. If you have not received your confirmation then it will be in your spam or junk folder or you may have entered your email address incorrectly.

Do I need to dig my bulbs up every year and chill them? (Maybe you chilled them the first year, but now arenít sure what to do)

If you live in a warmer area and chilled them before planting the first time, it is probably a good idea to lift them and repeat that for subsequent years.

Harvest them during December/January and leave them in an airy place for some weeks. You can't start chilling too early as the developing bud is not ready for that until mid to late March.

Start chilling late March and plant in late May. Only hyacinths and tulips really need chilling in warmer areas. Other bulbs should be fine.

If I plant my bulbs in a pattern or a straight line will they stay in that pattern?

Yes, they will stay in that general shape, but as they naturally increase in numbers over the years the sharp lines and edges will become a little fuzzier.

Article Posted: 07/03/2019 18:26:10

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